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Under the motto "FROM GOOD to GREAT", Sculptors® is dedicated to the Integral Development of the Human Being, thus enabling individuals, companies, and teams to find their best performance ever.

Nuno and the Sculptors® team offer a unique and pioneering approach to Human Being Development, through physical, mental/cerebral, and emotional training and wellness services that will increase your value and performance.

Be more productive, make your time profitable, and feel happy and fit.


Located in the Industrial zone of Loulé, the upgrade of our original space. 300 m2 of all the necessary equipment for weight training, functional training, acceleration training, and even outdoor training. 


Our most recent bet. Located in Cascade Wellness Resort in a tripartite space with top equipment, an independent studio for PT, and, an outdoor area. The choice of professional football teams as a complement to their sports training.

Vila Sol Golf Resort

Located in the urbanization Vila Sol, this space is highly directed to the performance in Golf counting with a generic room and a private PT studio. Open 7 days a week.



"Nuno Santos at Sculptors has been my personal trainer for several years. In addition to being in great shape, my golf has also improved. Trained by Titleist to become even more expert in the physical aspects of golf, I can only say, "Thank you so much for all your hard work. The effort you made helped me with my performance, physical, mental - and food-wise to fulfill a true dream. All came together during the 2 days of the club championship. Best coach ever.” If you want to improve your golf swing, visit the Sculptors Performance Center."

Antoinette Muller

"After several years without participating in amateur cycling competitions, in 2021 I decided to participate in one of the toughest competitions at national level, the Granfondo do Douro. beautiful as difficult for this sport.
Being a Sculptors customer for several years, where I do personalized training with PT, it was obvious that I would count on the collaboration of the excellent professionals of the Sculptors team to prepare me for this adventure. So it was, in April 2021, with a defined training plan, I started training 4 times a week, 3 on a top-of-the-range static bike that exists in the Loulé gym and 1 on the road. Excellent monitoring was done by Sculptors and in October 2021 there I was ready to start the very tough Douro Granfondo with a clear objective... to do the test with a performance similar to the one I had had in 2016 when I was in great shape.
On a personal level, it was a great victory as I managed better than my expectations and all that thanks to the support of Sculptors and, of course, my effort and commitment to the goal.
For those who want to achieve their goals, whether high-performance or more modest, I recommend Sculptors without a doubt."

Mário Neto

"Thanks, Nuno!! Great help for the holiday week before the British Nationals!"
Lisa Marriott