Privacy policy

Under the data protection legislation in force, the company "PRIORITILIST, Unipessoal Lda.", hereinafter referred to by its trade name "Sculptors" is the Data Controller of the data requested from the client whose purpose is the Commercial Relationship in the context of one or more sports services and promotion of physical health (below identified)This is the legal basis for the processing of the data requested and made available by the customer.

  • Personal Training;
  • Treino Partilhado;
  • Trading Home Gyms;
  • Correction of Postural Patterns;
  • The Power Plate®;
  • Bootcamp;
  • Physical and Body Evaluation;
  • Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation;
  • Behavioral Analysis;
  • Coaching;
  • Mental and Motivational Training;
  • Time Management;
  • Training Actions;
  • Yoga and Pilates classes
  • Hypnotherapy;
    • Service Directory APP_I
  • Meditation and Mindfulness;
    • High Performance Program GR8

a. Sculptors is the Data Controller of its customers;

b. The data requested for service registration will be used by sculptors' technicians and management.

c. The data collected on the website are: name, telephone number and e-mail address for the purpose of contacting you and arranging a free initial evaluation. The data is received exclusively at the addresses e; If the holder authorizes the use of contacts (name, phone and email), for marketing and advertising, these data are used by internal services of Sculptors;

d. The Cookie Policy may be consulted HERE

e. Internally, the data collected will be treated, with different levels of access, under professional secrecy and confidentiality, by the administrative services, exercise technicians and managing partners;

f. At any time, the customer has the Right to ask the controller for access to his/her data, as well as the Right to rectify them if necessary. You have the Right to Information about how your data is processed. You have the Right to Object and the Right to Limitation of Processing. The holder Right in relation to automated individual decisions that Sculptors may develop. The holder has the Right of Portability, and the Right to erasure;

g. Data requested from customers is retained by Sculptors for 1 year after the end of the business relationship, with the exception of invoicing data that is retained for 10 years;

h. The destruction process of physical documents is done by shredding, in a shredder with safety level P-4 according to the DIN 66399 Protocol. The documents in digital support are eliminated digitally;

i. Sculptors is committed to the confidentiality of personal data requested from clients, so that technical and organizational measures will always be taken to comply with the Regulation, ensuring that the treatment of data is lawful, fair, transparent and limited to the legal purpose of the contract mentioned above. Sculptors adopts appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the data requested, as well as the privacy of its holders;

j. Sculptors has designated as EPD/DPO, Antonieta Guerreiro, who can be contacted at 965 892 011 and by e-mail:; 

k. Within the scope of outsourced services, Sculptors may transfer data to countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area and third countries, with the aim of complying with the legal purpose of the contract and in the interests of the owner, always ensuring compliance with the data protection regulations in force;

I. Externally, companies outsourced for the following technical services, which have been asked to provide declarations of compliance with the RGPD, may also have access to customer data:

a. “T. Accounting", a company that provides accounting services;
b. “Facturama", a software program for customer management and invoicing;
c. “DVR Informática"a company subcontracted for computer management which may have remote access, under authorization, to all data existing in Sculptors' equipment;
d. “DIGIPIV" - subcontractor for the creation of the application "APP_I”, “GR8"and Sculptors' website, which may have access to the existing data in the application. DIGIPIV servers are based in the EU territory.
e.  Antonieta GuerreiroThe Data Protection Officer (DPO), an individual provider under the RGPD with functions of Data Protection Officer, who may have access through consultation to the customers' names in the scope of periodic audits;
f. Sculptors has two separate video surveillance systems to ensure the safety of people, facilities and equipment. One of the systems is composed of a single video camera recording, without sound, which is located at the reception and is the responsibility of the management of Sculptors. In this case the recording mechanism is activated manually, and the data is stored for 30 days. The second video surveillance system is outsourced to SECURITASThere are two cameras for this purpose, in the gym and at the reception, which capture images without sound whenever the alarm is triggered.