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Under the motto "FROM GOOD TO EXCELLENT", Sculptors® is dedicated to the Integral Development of the Human Being, which is based on raising ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results in the small and big things of everyday life, as well as in sports performance.

Starting a lifestyle change plan, a weight loss program, or a strengthening program always requires an initial assessment. How can we respect the biological identity and individuality of each person without this assessment? Without knowing where you are, how will you know what results you have achieved? Our team always starts by carrying out a complete physical and body assessment, understanding how you are, possible limitations, and other considerations, but above all, identifying your goals so that, together with you, we can create an action plan.

Motivation! Focus! Efficiency! Experience! Expertise! Corrections! Results!

These are some of the advantages of training with our team of highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainers.

Whatever your goal is, the Sculptors® team is prepared to design and follow a safe and efficient exercise plan that will allow you to improve your performance, quality of life, and self-esteem, among other things.


The Styku 3D is a sophisticated body scanning equipment that offers a new and more effective way of monitoring your progress and adjusting your goals.
This scan recreates your body in three dimensions and shows in seconds how your shapes are changing over time. With the body analysis done on Styku, you can see the results as your body responds to your exercise routine and nutritional choices with repeated assessments.

It is possible to follow all the circumferences of your body, such as hips, thighs, waist, chest, etc...You can closely follow where you are losing fat.

After the digital scan, you receive postural and health risk analysis, and with the guidance of a professional, you can relate the data to your goals tracking your progress. If you've recently started an exercise regime or want to challenge yourself to avoid plateauing, learn how this innovative 3D body scanner can help.


20 years after its launch, the Power Plate is increasingly used by professional sports teams ranging from football, swimming, golf, cycling, American football, rugby among several other sports.

The device boosts the work done on the ground with enormous time savings. Do you want to buy one?

Try a session in format, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. 

A technique originally used in a medical environment and now applied to sport, as a substitute or, complementary work in physical preparation and/or recovery.
Children and young people increasingly love challenges. Therefore, with these activities, we promote team spirit, effort-reward, motivation, and discipline in which the commitment and dedication of the participants are always surprising.

From organized groups to schools, town halls, and sports clubs, our experience with these groups puts us several steps ahead.

Solutions for groups or individuals focusing on the objectives to be achieved, whether sports, leisure, or merely social.

Ginásio para idosos
Do you think you are too old to train? Physical exercise in old age, as long as it is appropriate to your condition and objectives, has only advantages.

This is not about getting a young body, but about improving mobility, strength, balance, and the body's resistance, with benefits above all in the performance of your daily activities.

In a pioneering partnership in the Algarve, SCULPTORS® and Clinica de Cardiologia Gago Leiria, have teamed up to fight the scourge of death as a result of heart disease.

In this way, and allied to the clinical component, the change in lifestyles, both in terms of physical exercise and nutrition, may minimize the risk of new hospitalizations, as well as reduce the risk factors for the population in general, already well known and referred to, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, lack of physical exercise and cigarette consumption.


SCULPTORS® home services.
Personal Training - Massage - Water Activities - Outoor Programmes - Indoor Training - Etc.

Schedule our services in the comfort of your own home.
We will make your stay more fun, unique, and unforgettable.


Do you know how important posture is in your life?
Postural alterations, or postural deviations, are changes in the spine, represented by abnormal deviations, which can originate not only in the spine but also in the pelvis, knee, and foot, which can be caused by bad postural habits, muscle imbalances, and/or soft tissue shortening.

It can be of osteoarticular origin or just muscular decompensation.
They usually lead them to incorrect compensatory use of other structures, so their correction is a determinant for the maintenance of their quality of life.

Diet has a direct influence on health and consequently on diseases. What we eat contributes to losing or gaining weight, increasing or decreasing cardiovascular risk factors, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, and helping to control sugar levels. Nutritional advice is essential in the case of food allergies or intolerances (lactose intolerance, celiac disease, for example), helping the patient to identify which foods they can eat. Nutrition has also been important in preventing and stabilizing other diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, lung disease, kidney disease, etc.

Book your nutritional advice now to help control your weight, prevent and fight diseases or simply learn how to eat more healthily.

Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers can adapt their training plan by understanding and respecting the physical and mental state of the person on the day of the training, in order to maintain motivation and not wear out one's well-being.

Weight loss

One of the big questions associated with losing weight is: what is the best workout to lose it? Cardio or weight training? There is a growing concern about reaching the weight that is considered ideal. For this, in addition to a careful diet, systematic and properly prescribed physical exercise is fundamental.

The most beneficial workout for losing weight, whether it's cardio or weight training, will be the one you commit to. The one where you can find the satisfaction and motivation to keep it up until the benefits occur.

The ideal thing is always to have the support of an exercise professional who will be able to find the most suitable type of training for your objectives. It is these objectives, in accordance with your body's limits, which can guarantee the most suitable calorie expenditure for your individual needs.


What if you knew that one type of exercise could benefit your heart, improve posture, and balance, improve bone health, eliminate fat mass, and lower your risk of numerous diseases while making you feel better and look healthier?

Strength training, or resistance training, brings all these aspects together. This type of training involves working a number of muscle groups against an external load, including free weights, machines, and other equipment such as elastic bands, kettlebells, and medicine balls, among others.
The principle is as follows: put an external load on the body so that it needs to adapt and grow stronger.

In addition to the facts mentioned above, it is one of the best ways to combat aging, considerably slowing down the natural process of losing muscle mass, which will be discussed next.

Functional training

This method of physical activity performed without the need for gym equipment aims to improve the physical condition by replicating normal movements. In addition to slimming and giving a well-shaped and firm body in a few weeks of training, because it works several muscle groups at the same time, it also favors the increase of metabolism, calorie expenditure, the gain of muscular endurance, and the improvement of physical conditioning.



"Nuno Santos at Sculptors has been my personal trainer for several years. In addition to being in great shape, my golf has also improved. Trained by Titleist to become even more expert in the physical aspects of golf, I can only say, "Thank you so much for all your hard work. The effort you made helped me with my performance, physical, mental - and food-wise to fulfill a true dream. All came together during the 2 days of the club championship. Best coach ever.” If you want to improve your golf swing, visit the Sculptors Performance Center."

Antoinette Muller

"After several years without participating in amateur cycling competitions, in 2021 I decided to participate in one of the toughest competitions at national level, the Granfondo do Douro. beautiful as difficult for this sport.
Being a Sculptors customer for several years, where I do personalized training with PT, it was obvious that I would count on the collaboration of the excellent professionals of the Sculptors team to prepare me for this adventure. So it was, in April 2021, with a defined training plan, I started training 4 times a week, 3 on a top-of-the-range static bike that exists in the Loulé gym and 1 on the road. Excellent monitoring was done by Sculptors and in October 2021 there I was ready to start the very tough Douro Granfondo with a clear objective... to do the test with a performance similar to the one I had had in 2016 when I was in great shape.
On a personal level, it was a great victory as I managed better than my expectations and all that thanks to the support of Sculptors and, of course, my effort and commitment to the goal.
For those who want to achieve their goals, whether high-performance or more modest, I recommend Sculptors without a doubt."

Mário Neto

"Thanks, Nuno!! Great help for the holiday week before the British Nationals!"
Lisa Marriott